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Banana Vanilla Cinnamon is: 21% ALC./VOL. (42 Proof)

Coconut is: 21% ALC./VOL. (42 Proof)

Mocha Mama is: 21% ALC./VOL. (42 Proof)

White Chocolate Raspberry is: 21% ALC./VOL. (42 Proof)

Topper's 4-Pack gift set contains a 100ml bottle of each of the following award-winning flavored Topper's Rhums: Banana Vanilla Cinnamon, Coconut, Mocha Mama and White Chocolate Raspberry, The perfect gift for family and friends and a great way to sample each flavor to decide which flavor, if not all, is your favorite. Bananarama: 4 oz TOPPER'S Banana Vanilla Cinnamon Rhum and 1/2 banana. Blend with crushed ice. Serve in a hurricane glass and garnish with a banana slice. Topper's Bay Breeze: 3 oz TOPPER'S Coconut Rhum, 2 oz pineapple juice and a splash of cranberry juice. Serve over ice and garnish with a lime wedge.

Mocha Colada: 3 oz TOPPER'S Mocha Mama Rhum, 2 oz TOPPER'S Coconut Rhum and 2 oz coconut cream. Blend with crushed ice and garnish with a cherry.
White Chocolate Rhumtini: 4 oz TOPPER'S White Chocolate Raspberry Rhum and 1 oz cream. Shake with ice, strain into a sugar rimmed martini glass and garnish with a raspberry.  Topper’s Rhum, is a world-class premium rhum that is handmade, bottled, and packaged with precision in St. Maarten. Topper’s Rhum uses only all-natural premium ingredients that are gluten free with no preservatives. This family owned and operated business is committed to producing the world’s best tasting rhum using the highest standards of quality. Their products are internationally recognized with dozens of prestigious awards given by the most prominent rum tasting contests in the world including first place USA Today’s 10best Caribbean rum distillery 2 years in a row.

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